Pre-Conference Workshop - Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Interactive Workshop On Chemistry Solutions For Battery Electric Vehicles Hosted By Henkel

13:30   Workshop Registration And Refreshments

14:00   Welcome And Introduction By Workshop Host - Henkel

14:20   Chemistry Solutions For Battery Electric Vehicles: Interactive Workshop

Battery Electric Vehicle sales are expected to surpass internal combustion engine sales (source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance).  Longer range and reduced costs are helping to drive this growth - fueled in part by chemistry solutions that are accelerating efficiency, reliability, battery life and safety from the individual cell level to the battery pack, power conversion systems and control units.

Participants in this interactive workshop will have the opportunity to take part in a series of three demonstrations, exploring key chemistry-based technologies that significantly impact BEVs, including:

Demonstration 1 - Structural solutions:

Structural solutions improve car body stiffness, enable mixed materials and  mitigate noise. A simulation showing a part before and after e-coat bake will be available for review. Additionally, participants will have the chance to handle a variety of structural parts in person to better understand design and application benefits.

Demonstration 2 - Adhesives:

Instant adhesives, 2-step acrylics and anaerobics play an essential role in electric vehicle development. During the demonstration, participants will use lap shears to experience the use and benefits of different adhesive types, such as:
- Instant adhesives that help control battery cell spacing and ensure components stay fixed where they belong.
- 2-step acrylics that bond magnets into motor laminations that are the rotors that stack up to an electric motor.
- Anaerobics that help bond metals and seal fluids internally - essential in hybrid systems that have exposure to both battery and combustion engine requirements.

Demonstration 3 - Surface preparation:

Functional coatings protect critical components from corrosion, extend battery life, promote increased adhesion and enable lightweight materials. In this demonstration, participants will use a dyne pen to apply BONDERITE 1455 on lap shears - a pretreatment that dramatically enhances adhesion up to 4 times, with proven effectiveness on aluminum.

In addition to participating in demonstrations, the workshop will include time for one-on-one discussions with Henkel experts, a virtual reality opportunity and a happy hour.


Brooke Virost, North American e-Mobility Business Development Manager , Acoustic and Structural Solutions, Henkel Corporation

Dalton Conlon, North American Applications Engineer, Automotive Component Solution Group, Henkel Corporation

John Kukalis, Senior Regional Business Development Manager, Surface Treatments, Henkel Corporation

15:50   Happy Hour With Networking, Exhibits, Refreshments And Hors D'Oeuvres 

16:50   Closing Remarks

17:00   End Of Workshop



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