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Elevate Your Brand In 2021

Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • Automotive OEMs - Electric, Autonomous and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers in EV
  • Electrified Powertrain Systems and Component Suppliers
  • Thermal Systems and Related Component Manufacturers
  • High Voltage Systems and Power Semiconductor Suppliers
  • Testing and Crash Safety Engineering Services
 Lightweight Material Suppliers
  • EV CAE Software and Modeling Suppliers
  • Battery and Fuel Cell Manufacturers
  • Battery Management Systems Suppliers
  Components, Switchers, Controllers and Inverter Suppliers
  • Charging Infrastructure
  • Benchmarking Engineering Services Providers
  • National Laboratories and Government Technology Offices

With Following Job Titles:

  • CEO / Vice President / General Manager from EV OEMs

  • Chief Engineer - Battery Electric & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
  • Chief Engineer, Electrified Propulsion Systems

  • Chief Engineer, Electrical Systems

  • Head, EV Engineering Systems
  • Head of Vehicle Electrification Technology
  • Head of Hybrid and EV Battery Systems

  • Chief Scientist, Energy and Systems
Head of Vehicle Architecture
  • Head of Systems and Control Engineering
  • Electrification Project Engineer
  • Head of Research, Materials and Manufacturing
  •  Group Product Director Hybrid and Electric Systems
  • Lead Engineer, Electrical Systems Engineering

  • Lead Engineer, Electrified Powertrains

  • Head of Body Structures / Body in White
  • Battery Electric Vehicle Global Lead Engineer
  • Global Battery Systems Engineering
  • Battery Research Engineer
    Technical Manager - Innovation Management
  • Innovation & Technology Development Manager
  • Chief Engineer & Technical Leader - Energy Storage & Systems


Darren P

Darren Palmer

Global Director of Battery Electric Vehicle Product Development

Ford Motor Company

Steve Lambert

Stephen Lambert

Head of Electrification

McLaren Applied

Simon Xu

Simon Xu

Engineering Group Manager - Vehicle Optimization, Architecture Strategy

General Motors

John Catterall

John Catterall

Vice President, Automotive Program

American Iron and Steel Institute

George Coates

George Coates

Technical Director


David H

David Hudson

Head of Vehicle and Powertrain Engineering

Tata Motors


Arjo van der Ham

Co-founder and CTO


Shiv S

Shiv Sikand

Executive Vice President

Drako Motors

Karl P

Karl Plattenberger

Chief Engineer- Powertrain and Thermal Systems

Mahindra Automotive North America

Ken G

Ken Gould

e-Mobility Technical Systems Engineer

Porsche Cars North America

Patrick B

Patrick Blanchard

Technical Leader - Advanced Polymer Systems

Ford Research & Innovation Center

Olivier T

Olivier Thomas

Lead Design Engineer

Mahindra Automotive North America

Jeff DeFrank

Jeff DeFrank

Director, Technology Assessment

Karma Automotive

Oliver G

Oliver Gross

Technical Fellow - Electrified Architecture


Charles M

Charles Maury

Chief Scientist

Zero EV

Ahmed Ayoub

Ahmed Ayoub

Mechatronics Systems Engineer

Electra Meccanica

Venkat A

Venkat Aitharaju

Staff Researcher

General Motors

Aayush Tandoon

Aayush Tandon

Mechanical Engineer (EIT)

Electra Meccanica

Ciprian Antaloae

Ciprian Antaloae

Technical Expert - High Performance Vehicle Electrification


Tobias Glossmann

Tobias Glossmann

Principal Systems Engineer, HV Battery Research

Mercedes-Benz North America

Nir Kahn

Nir Kahn

Director Of Design


Laura BD

Dr. Laura Bravo Diaz

Research Associate

Imperial College London

Alastair Hales

Dr Alastair Hales

Research Associate

Imperial College London

Jackie N

Jackie Nguyen

Business Development Manager 

Elkem Silicones

Battery Electric Vehicle Architectures (BEVA) US 2021

Building on the success of our most recent Battery Electric Vehicles Architecture event, held in February 2020, American Business Conferences are pleased to announce the launch of Battery Electric Vehicle Architectures (BEVA) US 2021. Continuing our series of highly successful interactive virtual forums, BEVA US will be held virtually between 16-18 February 2021 - allowing OEMs and experts from around the world to hear the latest insights from speakers at the heart of the automotive industry.

BEVA US 2021 Will Uniquely Evaluate Contrasting Design And Manufacturing Approaches To Battery And Body Structure Integration; Multi-Material Selection; The Application Of New Battery Technology; Approaches To Cost Effective, Flexible Manufacturing

The all-new Congress agenda, based on extensive industry research with over 50 OEMs, will enable OEMs of all sizes to produce affordable electric vehicles that meet performance requirements for key market segments. As such, our 2021 program has been developed specifically for chief engineers and systems engineers, as well as managers responsible for electrified powertrain, battery packaging, mass optimization, thermal management and EV safety.

Day One Highlights:
  • Key OEM strategies for battery and body structure integration
  • Evaluation of skateboard vs unibody designs in terms of systems integration, efficiency, cost, range, performance
  • Safety & accessibility implications for battery servicing/replacement
  • Optimal material selection for battery enclosures and BEV body structures
  • How OEMs can speed up research, development and production time in order to improve profitability
Day Two Highlights:
  • Determining the impact of new battery technology, including raw materials and cells, on whole-vehicle design, systems integration, total lifecycle performance, price per KW/hour and servicing/recycling
  • How OEMs are modelling total lifecycle performance and warranty
  • Case studies on the optimal approaches for thermal management of the battery and vehicle
  • OEMs are overcoming key manufacturing challenges -  including cost effectively integrating BEVs into ICE production

Agenda At A Glance

Key Technical Focus Areas:

  • OEM Strategies For Battery & Body Structure Integration
  • Evaluation Of Skateboard Vs Unibody Designs In Terms Of Systems Integration Efficiency, Cost, Range, Performance, Safety & Accessibility For Battery Servicing/Replacement
  • Optimal Multi-Material Selection For Battery Enclosures & B.E.V. Body Structures
  • Speeding Up Research, Development & Production Time To Improve Profitability
  • Determining The Impact Of New Battery Technology - Including All RawMaterials & Cells - On Whole Vehicle Design, Systems Integration,Total Lifecycle Performance, Price Per KW Hour And Servicing/Recycling
  • Modelling Total Lifecycle Performance & Understanding Servicing & Recycling Costs For The Battery Pack
  • Optimal Approaches For Thermal Management Of Battery & Vehicle
  • Overcoming Key Manufacturing Challenges Including Cost Effectively Integrating B.E.V. into I.C.E. Production
  • Practical Experiences On Whole Vehicle And Battery Integration, Plus Material Selection, Across Unibody And Skateboard Platforms


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