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With the following job titles:

  • Chief Engineer - Battery Electric & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
  • Chief Engineer, Electrified Propulsion System
  • Chief Engineer, Electrical System
  • Head, EV Engineering Systems
  • Head of Vehicle Electrification Technology
  • Head of Hybrid and EV Battery System
  • Chief Scientist, Energy and Systems
  • Head of Vehicle Architecture
  • Head of Systems and Control Engineering
  • Electrification Project Engineer
  • Head of Research, Materials and Manufacturing
  • Group Product Director Hybrid and Electric Systems
  • Lead Engineer, Electrical Systems Engineering
  • Lead Engineer, Electrified Powertrain
  • Head of Body Structures / Body in White
  • Battery Electric Vehicle Global Lead Engineer
  • Global Battery Systems Engineering
  • Battery Research Engineer
  • Technical Manager - Innovation Management
  • Innovation & Technology Development Manager
  • Chief Engineer & Technical Leader - Energy Storage & Systems

Plus Companies Offering The Following Products & Solutions:

  • Battery Manufacturers
  • Thermal Management
  • Sustainable Lightweight Materials
  • Joining Technology
  • Power Train/Drive Train
  • Motors
  • Electrical & Software
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Aerodynamics
  • Safety Testing
  • Simulation & Modelling

Testimonials From Previous EV & Automotive Events:

Testimonials From Previous EV & Automotive Events:

Senior Product Manager, Stanley Engineered Fastening "Insightful presentations and great cross...

Post Doctoral Researcher, The Ohio State University "A great congress of people from the...

Business Development Director, Bmax "Experienced speakers for a high technical level of exchanges"

Automotive Sales Manager, Penn Engineering Automotive Fasteners "Good...

VP Business Development, The Fred Jones Companies US "Unless you get involved in the leading...

Shape Corp. "Great conference which is local to Detroit & has a lot of well respected speakers"

KTH Parts Industries Inc. "High quality presentations and OEM data on new joining technologies"

FAB Shop Magazine Direct "Expertly assembled list of topics, and equally well - assembled group of expert presenters"

Welding Productivity "Incredibly thorough coverage on lightweighting initiatives, from material to software - it was all there"

Energy Demand Specialist, FCA "Great mix of people and teams who provide technical expertise in their fields"

NRC "Probably the best meeting to keep you informed on the hottest developments and trends in the auto industry"

SPR Product Manager, Stanley Engineering Fastening "A diverse group of OEM and Tiers providing...

Henrob "GALM & ABC deliver another great conference"

Sales Engineer, Electromac "I have attended numerous industry events and this one provided best in class access to industry leaders with real world...

Applications Engineer, Mills Sales "Great start to a communal effort to establish and promote manufacturing considerations related to...

R&D Engineer, MW Italia "Topics were really interconnected"

Technical Sales Manager, Magnesium Elektron "Great speaker programme and a useful networking opportunity"

Strategic Programme Manager, SIGNATEX "Good networking, good overview"

Business Development, OMS SPA "Professional approach, ideal to share knowledge, good place for getting new contacts"

Technical Manager, Ashland Specialities UK "Well paced and organised"

Chief Engineer, Horiba-Mira "Variety of subjects covered"

Sales Coordinator, BMAX "Relevant people on relevant topics"

Head of Joining Technology, Brown University "Good presentations and discussions"

Engineering Manager, Arconic "Interesting, insightful industry leading speakers"

Senior Proposals Engineer, Comau "Excellent location, informative technical content on a wide range of applications"

Ashland Specialities, Technical Manager "Good opportunity to join people around joining challenges" 

Managing Director, Leading Edge Strategy "Great venue and organisation. Highlights the need to focus on specific...

Toyota "Place to learn current technology with open discussion"

COO, Local Motors "A culmination of thought leaders from OEMs, suppliers and innovators"

Toyota "Experts from OEMS, Suppliers, academia and government come together for focused impactful conversation on technologies to enable lightweighting"

Automotive Director, AKKA "Great content with in-depth discussion and like minded people"

Director - Applications, Impression Technologies "An excellent event, providing a well balanced set of...

Technical Lead -...

Design Engineer, Aston Martin "A great variety of future manufacturing techniques and joining techniques- Definitely leading the industry in...

Engineer - Roof Systems, Bentley Motors "I was attracted by increasing my knowledge of material choice as well as discussing...

Group Under Body Structers, Jaguar Land Rover "An informative event, allowing different businesses to chow...

Senior BIW Engineer, TATA Motors "An interesting and educational conference that broadens the expectations and the way forward in using...

Research Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover "Very good and industry focused content with high level speakers" 

Senior Enginner, Aston Martin "The conference provided good technical depth, I have deepened my knowledge in a number of areas and met many...

Advanced Materials Research, Honda R&D Americas "Concept directly in line with challenges I face...

Technical Fellow, General Motors "Good mix of talks and speakers and there was more technical content than I expected. This was a...

Senior Engineer, TATA Motors "Well Organized! Presentations were very informative. Good content and delivery"

Manager, Opel "Good opportunity for networking with diverse attendants from OEM's, suppliers and research institutes"

Design Engineer, TATA Motors "Excellent opportunity for networking and getting to know industry trends"

Stamping Engineer, Ford "We all have to find smart solutions to increase the material utilization"

BIW Specialist/ PM Ducato, FCA Italy "New ideas, new concept, smart future"

Project Engineer, Honda "Great spread of info from OEMs, Tier 1s, and Universities"

Project Leader, Adam Opel AG "Good speakers, good organisation, good exhibition and networking"

Engineer, Nissan "Very well organised, run and delivered conference. Excellent facilities, food and service"

Project Engineer, Honda "Good Conference with plenty of technical detail by engineers, for engineers"

Weight Management, SEAT "Nice approach to the future of EV, lightweight vision"



Adopting A Comprehensive Approach To Battery Integration And Architecture Design To Extend Range, Considering Cost, Safety, And Sustainability 

  • Prioritizing the Next Wave of Disruptive Technologies and Innovations To Extend Range & Reduce Cost 
  • Comparing The Benefits Of “Cell To Pack” With “Module To Pack” Battery Technology 
  • Solid State Batteries - Future Proofing The Battery Electric Vehicle Architecture For This Game-Changing Battery Technology 
  • Battery As A Structural Component - Design Considerations For Integration Of Battery As A Structural Or Load Bearing Component To Save Weight 
  • Exploring the Trade-Offs between Battery Sizing, Packaging, Cost, and Performance: Balancing the Advantages of Small Distributed Batteries Running In Parallel Vs. One Singular Large Battery 
  • Balancing Trade-Offs in Battery Electric Vehicle Design: Optimizing for Range Extension, Faster Charging, Crash Worthiness, Modularity, and Battery Servicing and Replacement
  • Battery Swapping for Range Extension - Assessing Architecture Design Considerations and Evaluating Alternative Approaches From A Cost And Technical Viewpoint  
  • Voltage Selection & The Power Grid - Balancing Efficiency and Safety in Battery System Design
  • Exploring The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Higher Voltage Systems 
  • Latest Developments In Battery Chemistries & Super Capacitors That Can Enable Fast Charging  
  • Design Considerations For Introducing Fuel Cell Technology For Range Extension and Performance Improvement During The Transition To Hydrogen 


Improving The Efficiency Of The Thermal System Design, For Multiple Powertrains 

  • A Modular Design Approach To Thermal Management
  • Optimizing The BMS & Battery Interface To Ensure Efficient Delivery To The Powertrain
  • Exploring Cost-Effective Thermal Management Strategies For A Range Of Battery Packaging Designs And Modular Cooling Solutions 
  • Design Requirements for Solid-State Batteries
  • Improving Thermal Management In Skateboard Battery Packaging Designs
  • Efficient Thermal Management for Small Modular Battery Layouts: Strategies and Considerations
  • Navigating Thermal Management Challenges For Advanced Battery Chemistries To Ensure Commercial Viability 
  • Determining The Most Appropriate BMS Configuration Based On The Design Of The Powertrain, Battery Packaging, And User Requirements Of The Car 
  • Tailoring the BMS To Different Packaging Designs 
  • Use Of AI And Machine Learning Algorithms To Predict Battery Performance Degradation And Schedule Maintenance Accordingly
  • Improving The Efficiency Of The Power Electronics Used In Electric Vehicles To Help Reduce Energy Losses And Improve Range
  • Solutions For Cost-Effective Flammability Testing Of Lithium-Ion Batteries



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